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This is the outline for 2KO’s Oracle 12c OCP 1Z0-062: Installation and Administration online course. 2KO International delivers computer courses from beginner level to advanced, and is also a leading supplier of of online IT training courses, to ensure the best Oracle 12c certification training in South Africa.

With Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals, you experience the benefits of an Oracle Database that is re-engineered for Cloud computing. Multitenant architecture brings enterprises unprecedented hardware and software efficiencies, performance and manageability benefits, and fast and efficient Cloud provisioning. Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals certifications emphasize the full set of skills that DBAs need in today’s competitive marketplace.

Class Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction To Oracle 12c SQL
Introduction To Course
Intro To Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals
Structure Of SQL
Basic Select Statements
Basic Select Statements Demo

Module 2: Retrieving Data
Modifying Reported Output
The Where Clause
The Order By Clause
Left And Right Outer Joins
The Where Clause Demo
Multi Table Selection Demo

Module 3: SQL Functions
Single Row Functions
Aggregate Functions
Single Row Functions Demo
Multi Row Functions Demo
Group By
Grouping Demo
Conversion Functions
Conversion Functions Demo
Date time Functions
Date time Functions Demo

Module 4: Subqueries
Single Row Subqueries
Single Row Subqueries Demo
Multi Row Subqueries
Multi Row Subqueries Demo
Other Subquery Types
Other Subquery Types Demo

Module 5: Data Manipulation Language
Adding Data
Changing Data
Deleting Data
DML Demo

Module 6: Data Control Language
Object Privileges
DCL Demo

Module 7: Data Definition Language
Creating Objects In The Database
Creating Objects In The Database Demo
Sequenced Demo

Module 8: Combining Queries
Combining Queries

Module 9: Oracle 12C SQL Fundamentals
Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals Review – Part 1
Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals Review – Part 2
Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals Review – Part 3